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Roger Griffiths

I am saddened to inform classmates that I received an email yesterday from Margie Griffiths, to tell me that Roger passed away in December last year.

I last spoke to Roger in late 2012 to inform him of the class reunion in June 2013.  He told me that he could not attend as he was about to leave for the United States to settle near Charlotte, North Carolina.  Margie did not disclose the cause of Roger's death.

Roger was well known to members of the Class of 1963 - and the whole school - for the skit "The Great Pretender" with Reg van Rij in the 1962 DHS talent contest.  He will be missed by his many good friends and classmates.

Stuart "Mossie" Clark

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10/20/14 01:54 PM #1    

Justin "Joe" Brown

The "Berea Park boys" of circa +- 1958 to 1965 will remember Roger as a great touch rugby exponent, enjoyed his football and was useful at cricket besides being a great companion of Reg van Rij, Mike Slater and Dave Doig. If my memory serves me right Roger fancied Daves sister - Jenny.

As Mossie so rightly says he will long be remembered for being the singer in the "Great Pretender" with Reg on the piano, they were really very good and I can proudly lay claim to doing the recording from a Stan Freedman [?] Lp on a  philips reel to reel tape recorder and assisting Roger and Reg with the rehersals - will always be with me.

Unfortunantely we lost contact after school but when we did bump into each other occassionaly it was always a a happy time.

My condolences to Rogers wife and family.


10/21/14 04:10 PM #2    

Roger Sheppard (Class Of 1962)

Roger Sheppard

Indeed, as Joe Brown writes, roger Griffiths was a true "Berea Park Boy"; he played all the sport there, againstr and with so many talented sportsmen who learnt their games "in Berea Park"!  Roger had a style about him, and everlasting smile, and he never gave up! He was always one to "pick" when we picked sides for the afternoon's game, whether cricket, touch, soccer or even Cowboys 'n Crooks ( he was a tough nit to bring down when cornered!). But he was also a pleasant fellow, with a recognition of every person's dignity! And that made him valuable company for us all.  Rest in peace Roger!

10/22/14 07:20 PM #3    

Reg Van Rij

I was a close mate of Roger at school. We shared some artistic ability, Roger later applying his to a career. He was well equipped to do so with the art materials we swiped from Turton's stock room, one of us distracting him whilst the other carried out the plunder!  We eventually had enough kit to start an art shop.

The blind date I fixed him up with became Margie Griffiths. Mossie Clark was able to provide me her email address, and she replied immediately to my message of condolence. They had migrated to USA in 2012, but Roger then contracted a couple of auto immune diseases and the poor bugger wasted away quickly. They had two children and three grandkids.

Roger and I did service with the Natal Mounted Rifles, where we suffred regular and sometimes severe wounds in the NCO's Mess. We had many laughs!  I am saddened by the news of his passing.

They're chopping in our part of the woods now guys, or, as the inimitable Peter Jubber put it to me, we're playing in Referee's Optional Time!

Reg van Rij

Class of '63



10/24/14 04:41 AM #4    

Rod Hansen

Being slightly shy I didn't make friends too easily, but Rodger and I eased into a friendship easily. I remember him as rosey cheeked and looking younger than he must of been. I must of been in Mr Turtons art class as well as well as in the NMR. I didn't realize then that I was together with such naughty buggers as Rodger and Reg.

Yes, as Reg puts it so succinctly, we are in Referees optional time!

Rod Hansen,

Class of '63.

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