Staff Photos 1960-63


The DHS teaching staff included some extraordinary men -- for better or worse.  Here are their photographs for three of our years -- does anybody have the pic for 1962?  (Please offer corrections or additions)


Back:   van der Westhuizen, Preller, Wilkinson, ?, Pellew, Logan, Heath, ?, ?, ?

Standing:  Pienaar, Hager, ?, Oellermann, van Os, Jennings, Drysdale, ?, Wright, ?, Dale, Turton, Wilson

Seated:  Chater, Pope, Nourse, Gray, Crewe, Howard (Deputy Principal), McIver (Headmaster), Thompson (Deputy Principal), van Heerden, Theobald, Mackay, McMichael, Draper

Front:  van der Molen, Kure, Letcher, Schauffer, ?, Lodge, Janisch (?), ?

(Not accounted for - Burnett, Bradshaw,  Devine, Garz, Gill, Harris, Hean, Holgate,  Lodge, Lucas, Mills, Noriskin, Perkins, Piper, Smith, Talbot)

(Photo courtesy of Tony Daymond)



Back: Chater; Wilkinson, McMichael, Muir, Bennett; Logan; Harris; Draper; ?; Powrie; Turton; Gibson

Middle: Noble; Schauffer; Harvey; van Os;  Nichols; Forde (?); Keyser (?); Oellermann; Perkins; Brandt; Lucas; Pope; Wright.

Front: MacKay; Nourse; Gray; Theobald; St. Pol; Howard (Vice Principal); McIver (Headmaster); Crewe (Head Boarder Master); van Heerden; Brandt; Graham; Jackson; Flemmer.


Back:  Wright; van Os; Harvey; Janson; Colepeper; Heath; Bennett; ?; Hager

Standing:  Flemmer; Wilkinson; Gray; Jennings; Logan; Burnett; Keyser (?); Drysdale; Oellerman; van der Molen; Chater; Schauffer

Seated:  Draper; Jackson; McMichael; Theobald; van Heerden; Howard (Deputy Principal); McIver (Principal) Crewe (Head Boarder Master); St. Pol; Nourse; Lucas; Pope; Perkins

Front:  ?; Letcher; Kure'; ?; Forder