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•   Ed Granger  9/27
•   Les Joffe  8/31
•   Malcolm Tubb  8/14
•   Peter Cardwell  7/14
•   Michael Woodford  7/12
•   David Papineau  3/4
•   Jeff Abel  2/24
•   Howard Paul Griffiths (Class Of 1968)  2/24
•   Stuart Clark  2/24
•   William Dunn  2/22
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1 lives in Arizona (USA)
3 live in California (USA)
1 lives in Colorado (USA)
1 lives in Connecticut (USA)
2 live in Massachusetts (USA)
1 lives in Oregon (USA)
1 lives in Pennsylvania (USA)
1 lives in Ontario (Canada)
7 live in Eastern Cape
1 lives in Free State
18 live in Gauteng
114 live in KwaZulu-Natal
6 live in Western Cape
10 live in USA
1 lives in Canada
13 live in Australia
1 lives in Germany
1 lives in Ireland
2 live in Israel
1 lives in New Zealand
1 lives in Sweden
16 live in United Kingdom
4 location unknown


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Welcome To The Durban High School

Class of 1963 Website

This website was established to locate as many members of our DHS Class of 1963 as possible, and to encourage them to attend the 50th class reunion in Durban on June 7, 8 and 9, 2013.

Now that the reunion has been held, the objective of this website is to maintain the connections that the reunion renewed, and to encourage those who are not already participating in the communication engendered by this website to do so.  It is also intended as the vehicle by which the Class of 1963 will create a bursary fund to sponsor the attendance of a deserving pupil at DHS (see below).

Please refer to the report on our successful reunion on the 50 Year Reunion page of this website. 

* * *

Report on DHS 150th Anniversary Events

Perhaps the best way to report on the 150th Anniversary events is to reprint the June 10, 2016 DHS Herald, which appears below:

If you do not recive the DHS Herald, but would like to, please send an email to, and ask to be added to the emailing list.

Best regards,

Stuart “Mossie” Clark

Posted June 15, 2016

* * *

Class of 1963 Bursary Fund Established

On August 13, 2013 the DHS Class of 1963 Committee announced the establishment of a Class of 1963 Bursary Fund, to sponsor the attendance of a deserving pupil at DHS.  The objective is to raise a capital amount of R585,000 to fund this bursary, which it is hoped will be awarded for the first time for attendance at the School in 2017.

The R585,000 represents a R150 contribution per month for the 39 months between October, 2013 and December 2016, by an estimated 100 class members (or the lump sum equivalent).  However contributions of any amount will be welcomed - class members are encouraged to contribute according to their ability and inclinations.

For further information about the bursary fund, and how to contribute, please click on the "Class of 1963 Bursary Fund" page of this website.

Thanks in anticipation for your interest and support!

* * *

Even though the reunion has come and gone, please complete your profile in the Classmate Profiles section of the website if you have not already done so.

If you have not already done so, please complete your profile on the website - preferably including a summary of what you have been up to in the past 50 years, and by adding a current photograph. 

Also please advise me if you know of the whereabouts of anyone on the classmates list who has not signed up - or give them the website address and suggest that they should sign up.  We need to track down as many class members as possible!

With kind regards to all my classmates of so many years ago,

Stuart “Mossie” Clark


Websites For Other Class Years

There are other class websites for the following DHS class years – if you are a member of any of those classes, contact the website administrator to activate your profile:

1960 – - (Michael Cornelissen)

1961 - - (Ian Robertson)

1963 - - (Stuart Clark)

1964 - - (Graham Bell)

1965 - - terry.sandy (Terry Sandy)

1966 - - cedric (Cedric Parker)

1988 – website in the course of construction - contact Andrew Stringer at ganginoz 


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