In Memory

Michael Geoffrey Peacock

According to an obituary in the 1962 DHS magazine, Michael Geoffrey Peacock died, aged 15, on 17th November, 1961. 

Arthur Godbeer recalls that  Michael died as a result as an accident - Arthur believes that he may have fallen from a tree.

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Malcolm Tubb

Michael lived one street up from us in Bellair. We were good mates pre-school, through Bellair Primary School and then at DHS. On JC swot leave we were picking guavas in a tree in his backyard. The branch we were on broke, and we both fell (maybe 2 metres). Michael was complaining of a pain in his side, so the doctor was called, but could not diagnose a problem, and he went to lie down. I visited him later that evening and he was still in pain. The following morning I got the awful news that he had died. There was no trauma counselling back in those days, and as a young teenager, it took me a long time to get over it. His family never did.

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