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James Glendon Forgan

According to an obituary in the 1962 DHS magazine, James Glendon Forgan died, aged 15, on 29th October, 1961. 

Arthur Godbeer recalls that  James died as a result as an explosion of a home-made explosive.

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11/11/12 06:37 AM #1    

Jonathan (Joff ) Lawrence

Glen Forgan and Geoffry Peacock were both in our Form 4S class and died tragically within 19 days of each other.

05/20/13 09:35 AM #2    

Roger Jones (Class Of 1964)

I arrived in SA in September 1958 and went to Standard Five at Penzance Road where I met the likes of Peter De Villiers, Tony Scott, Howard Brinkworth as well as James Forgan.  I seem to recall he was always known as Glendon and had a younger brother.

I stayed behind in Standard Five, this time with Peter Disler et al.

Arthur Godbeer's recollection is correct, it was a home-made device that went off in a bottle that caused Glendon's death.

05/21/13 02:16 PM #3    

Stan Hart

I seem to recall that he was with a friend at the time in a small park on the Bluff when the explosive device in a glass bottle was triggered accidentally.

05/21/13 03:24 PM #4    

Rob Ettershank

Glen was very friendly with a group of us who lived on the Bluff. The device was in fact a carbon dioxide cannister from a soda-manufacturing botlle which contained explosive made from chemicals purloined from the school lab. Glen stayed with me in Brighton Beach the night before he died, then went accrossthe valley, to stay with a colleague (who may prefer me not to mention his name - he was with us at DHS.) They set up the device in a small park in Marlborough park on the Bluff. It was wet and it did not ignite on first lighting it so Glen apparantly went back to look at it and it exploded near his face. We were all devastated.

05/22/13 07:46 AM #5    

Arthur Godbeer

Although I originally reported his death, I did think we knew him as Glen.   I also managed to remember that he was one of the "Bluff gang".  I use that word in the nicest possible way of course.  :-)    Besides you Rob, I think other Bluff guys were Dave Lowe and Geoff Salt.  And Barry Grisdale?  I don't know why I'm a bit unsure about Barry.  Barry and I spent a couple of months working in the local accountant's office of the SAR&H before we went to varsity.  Having convinced them that we'd be permanent there!

05/22/13 10:34 AM #6    

Dave Lowe

You are 100% right Arthur. Barry was "one of us" - uitlanders who came from the Bluff. He's lived in Australia for many years but will be attending the Reunion, so it will be great to see him. Barry was the lead Guitarist of our Band - The Phantoms. The other members were Rob Ettershank , Geoff Salt (drums), yours truely (bass) and Tony Abbott (vocals) of Comrades Marathon fame. His best position was 3rd as I recall. Tony wasn't a DHS Old Boy.

05/23/13 02:06 AM #7    

Arthur Godbeer

Nostalgia!  I had forgotten about your band Dave.  I knew Barry had continued a successful IT career in Oz.  And I now remember Barry cutting a solo record (or was that with the band?) using a "revolutionary" piece of equipment for the time.  Called an "echolette" or something like that?  Can remember Barry and me being in the record bar of a West Street department store, listening to it.  Gonna be great hooking up with you guys again.

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