In Memory

John Slater

Johnny passed away in Durban in October, 2018. 

I was a boarder with Johnny for all of my years at DHS.  My enduring memory of him is of a gentle giant who – despite his great athletic skills – was always modest, and never made those of us who lacked those skills feel inferior in any way.  Johnny was one of the amazing group of Blackmore’s boys who in 1963 constituted what was probably the largest group in the history of the house to be represented in the 1st XV (the others were Neville van der Walt, Dave Wise, John Darby, Bruce Robertson, Bruce Lynn, and Steve Pohl).  I did not see Johnny again after I left Durban in 1986, but even by that time Johnny had achieved great business success with the JohnPeter clothing line.

Stuart "Mossie" Clark

October 17, 2018