In Memory

Brian Segall

Brain passed away in November, 2012, in Laguna Beach, California, after a long struggle with health problems that severely curtailed his mobility and quality of life in his latter years. 

At the time of his death Brian had practised as an attorney in Laguna Beach for many years.  He continued to practise law even after he was effectively bedridden.  His clients were so loyal and reliant on his expert legal advice that they continued to seek his assistance despite his health issues.

Brian was my sergeant when I was a cadet student officer at DHS.  There is no doubt that he should have been the officer.  After DHS we kept in touch through our respective practices as attorneys in Durban.  We both left South Africa in the 1980s, and both ended up practising law in California.  Though some distance apart, we kept in touch, and I knew of Brian's struggles with health issues in his latter years.

Brian was a gentleman and a professional.  Rest in peace Brian.

(Contributed by Stuart Clark)